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HR Technology & Solutions

The Encompass Group is the all-encompassing solution for employee life cycle management. If your goal is to simplify payroll and HR processes, successfully navigate the complexity of healthcare reform, ensure compliance, or reduce administrative tasks, our human resources outsourcing service is for you. The Encompass Group’s technology-based solution provides paperless automation for the pre, active, and post employment processes. Our data analytics tools offer meaningful and actionable insights to facilitate data-driven decision making in your organization. In addition, our team of HR experts provide you with day-to-day support for successfully managing employees, ensuring compliance, and facilitating business growth. If you’re looking for best practices in employee administration – including ACA compliance, recruiting, retirement, or something in between – look to The Encompass Group.

Our fully integrated employee management solution covers every aspect of human resources administration delivering incredible ease of use and compliance assurance throughout every process. Our solution encompasses:


The most streamlined payroll process available anywhere, with procedures tailored to the unique needs of your organization. Our state-of-the-art technology gives you the freedom to quickly process any type of payroll situation from anywhere, while guaranteeing complete compliance, record keeping and reporting at every level.


The Encompass Group’s user-friendly cloud-based technologies allow both managers and their employees easy access to the online tools they need to manage employment and thereby eliminate redundancy and decrease administrative burden.


Our fully integrated HR administration technology means it has never been easier to fully manage the human capital of your company. Our solution centralizes all administrative procedures, provides an online approval process with a complete audit trail, allows for instant access to critical information and simplifies time-consuming tasks. More importantly, we create a customized, scalable HR solution that fits both your current and future needs.


The Encompass Group develops proprietary, in-house web services integrations between technology platforms such as applicant tracking systems, learning management systems, third-party time clocks and point of sales systems to ensure accurate, efficient data transmission.


Our proven, fail-proof implementation methodology is customer service driven; a dedicated team from The Encompass Group assists throughout the entire process, without a need for costly, outside consultants. During this time, we expose opportunities for operational effiency and develop best practice processes. We ensure success with open communication, consisten contact, system testing and validation, and ongoing training and support post go-live.


We help clients create a positive environment for employees utilizing easy-to-use technology to manage benefits. From an administrative perspective, our Human Capital Consultants help guide your organiztion to find group plans to best fit your needs. One of the biggest concerns employers face today is compliance with the ACA, an issue that includes payroll, time and attendance, and benefits administration concerns. Our technology solution integrates all of these functions together and dramatically reduces the administrative burden of tasks such as tracking variable hours, measurement periods, and stability periods.